Collabs & Media

Collaborations with the Local Community

Noura is a local Saudi artist and the most known woman muralist in Saudi Arabia, who has adorned the wall of Nakhati with a mural inspired by the local heritage. She has been an ambassador for women entrepreneurs and is outspoken about pushing the envelope of innovation for the creative world.

Samar Al Mousa

Samar is a Saudi woman designer who has drawn inspiration from every trip, cultural monuments, or people’s lifestyles. She builds masterpieces in private homes, offices and different businesses. Her love for design combined with creative acumen have made Samar an ambassador for women managed businesses that have a Purpose. The design of Nakhati’s store in Riyadh is her work and so is her ambassadorial role to support the brand.

Khalid is the passionate owner of a local shop, producer of delicious bakery and pastry items. This homegrown local business supplies freshly made pastry at our Nakhati store in Riyadh, KSA.

SNEAK ME is a home-grown and first of its kind sneaker culture festival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that combines design, art, fashion, culture and live music. The event celebrates all those young at heart who are inspired by the changes in the country and are bringing together retailers from a range of brands, including Nakhati.

Sarah and Rimaz have created the locally-inspired brand Secret Abaya, a new customised abaya brand for women seeking to make a fashion statement that they are unique. The two university students have built a brand organically with passion for design and support from friends, relatives and classmates. Today their pieces can be ordered online or seen at Nakhati. 

NEOM, a one-of-a-kind concept taking shape in northwestern Saudi Arabia, has announced THE LINE, an exhibition displaying some of the creative changes taking place in the Kingdom. We are proud to reveal that Nakhati is showcasing our gelato at THE LINE until the end of the event on 29th April, 2023.


Nakhati was present at the RUSH gaming festival. It is an event that brings top gamers, companies, publishers, and gaming fans around the world together annually to engage in fun competitions. The name takes inspiration from Real Time Strategy (RUSH) games.

Huna Riyadh Park

Huna has been newly launched in Riyadh Park and is a destination allowing storytellers and makers to enjoy a place where they can work, meet, eat, and embrace a collective environment. Our Nakhati cart is present at Huna serving mouthwatering treats for a limited time.

Saudi Design Festival

The Saudi Design Festival is an annual event exclusively for design makers and changers, with shows and activations in different parts of the country. To take part, Nakhati is running a promotion in store, arranging an activation with Secret Abayas, and collaborating with designers.

News & Awards


Nakhati is recognized by Dentons Franchise Advisory as The Franchise of the Year Award 2022: Best New System


Female-led gelato brand ‘Nakhati’ launches in KSA


A Female-led Global Gelato brand: Nakhati


Kerten Hospitality launches first female-led, purpose-driven Global Gelato Brand: Nakhati